Coronavirus Australia: Spotlight, Anaconda and Mountain Designs staff punished if they don’t get jab

Thousands of workers at Spotlight, Anaconda and Mountain Designs will be PUNISHED if they don’t get the Covid-19 vaccine

  • Spotlight Group has sent out an email to staff regarding Christmas bonuses
  • Eligible staff ordered to prove vaccination status to receive end of year bonus
  • Affects staff at Spotlight  Anaconda, Harris Scarfe and Mountain Designs stores
  • 2BG host Ben Fordham and NSW One Nation’s Mark Latham slammed decision

By Kylie Stevens For Daily Mail Australia

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Thousands of staff at one of Australia’s biggest retail groups could miss out on end-of-year incentives if they refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Retail giant Spotlight Group has informed staff via internal email they won’t receive their Christmas bonus if they don’t show proof of vaccination to their manager.  

The decision impacts on staff at hundreds of Spotlight, Anaconda, Harris Scarfe and Mountain Designs stores across Australia.

The staff memo was leaked to 2GB breakfast host Ben Fordham, who described the decision as a step too far as he read out the email on his show on Monday morning.

Spotlight staff will miss out on Christmas bonuses if they can’t show proof they’ve been vaccinated (stock image)

‘For those of you who are otherwise eligible for festive bonus this year, in order to both ensure that you now qualify and that it is processed early, please provide your manager with confirmation of your vaccination status,’ the email states.

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham agreed Spotlight had gone too far and slammed the decision as ‘a bit of a scrooge act’.

‘They’re going a bridge too far to actually punish people and take money off them,’ he told Fordham.

‘Companies have every right to offer incentives and we all want to get to herd immunity to meet those Doherty targets of vaccination and offering incentives for vaccination is a positive thing in that respect.

‘But jeez, it would create a lot of division and nastiness internally to take the Christmas bonus off other workers who’ve done the same amount of work and would otherwise be deserving.’

Retails staff were informed via an internal email that they needed to show proof of their vaccination status to the manager to apply for a Christmas bonus (pictured, Sydneysider being vaccinated on Saturday)

Mr Latham added a lot of Australians are still waiting to book in for their preferred jab while others want to see more evidence the vaccine is safe.

‘We need to have more compassion for people who don’t want to have to make the choice of rushing to get a medical procedure they don’t necessarily want,’ he added.   

Spotlight Group managing director Avi Gilboa said the aim of the new initiative aims to encourage vaccinations among the 8000 employees.

A spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia Spotlight’s senior leadership decided to accelerate its end-of-year festive bonus payments by two months to mid-October and to amend its end-of-year festive bonus eligibility criteria to include only those team members who have been vaccinated with at least one jab. 

Spotlight employees with a pre-existing condition and who are unable to receive the vaccine will have their circumstances considered on a case-by-case basis.

‘In the context of a global pandemic, safety at Spotlight takes on an entirely new dimension. As a result, we want to positively incentivise our staff to reduce the risk of viral transmission to team members and customers,’ Mr Gilboa said.

‘Vaccination is the quickest path to ending debilitating lockdowns, the most effective way of mitigating the COVID risk to our people and the entire community, and the only way to open the Australian economy.

The Australian operated and privately owned retail giant opened its first Spotlight store in Melbourne in 1976.

SPC recently became the first Australian company to demand staff to be vaccinated.

All of 450 on-site employees at at the company’s factory in Shepparton in regional Victoria have until September 15 to schedule their first dose while all staff and contractors must be fully vaccinated by the end of November.

As of Monday morning, 62.1 per cent of Australians aged over 16 are not double-vaccinated. 

The decision affects staff at Anaconda (pictured), Harris Scarfe and Mountain Designs stores across Australia


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