Review of UrMuv App


On today’s show, I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet and interview Keith Trippie who is the Founder of urMuv.

According to urMuv’s iTunes Description:


Receive your PCS paperwork? Transitioning from service? A Veteran? We are here to help you through the relocation process.

urMuv is a complimentary service that can help you easily find your perfect new community based on your preferences. With urMuv, there is no need to make 100 Google searches, all you have to do is pick your desired criteria and our algorithm instantly finds you the best community for you and your family based on your interests and preferences. You can easily shop across schools, hospitals, restaurants/pubs, commute times, crime statistics and more all in one platform.

Being in the military is hard enough, don’t let your move add more stress. Make your move suck less with urMuv.

So what are you waiting for? Start your search for your new community by downloading urMuv today.

*You can now search for VA hospitals and facilities.

“As a military spouse who has to move every two years, urMuv has helped me seamlessly find the best neighborhood and community, completely stress free.”

“We had a great realtor, but we really needed a place to get her started. With urMuv, we were able to give her all of our desired criteria for a neighborhood and she was able to find us the perfect home.”

“urMuv’s value proposition is clear. Each pin that drops matches who I am as a person, or where my family would best fit in. The more we dig into the app, we can further understand why the community is best for us by seeing what the data tells about our community at the most granular detail.”

urMuv – Find Your Ideal Neighborhood | NewsWatch Review from NewsWatch Television on Vimeo.

My thoughts:

I think urMuv is more than a ‘moving app’. I think the app is a phenomenal resource for anyone living where they are Right Now!

The amount of data and information someone can discover and learn about their immediate locale is extraordinary and valuable. The potential for those that are considering moving or in the process of moving will undoubtedly benefit from the insight and information urMuv provides! This app is FREE but the value of the data it provides is invaluable.


Personally, in the short time I’ve used this app, I’ve discovered a ton of useful information that is applicable to me as parent, homeowner and consumer. urMuv’s newest feature is the addition of sex offender registry locator. Simply said, this is a a great feature that brought a little bit of alarm to my general awareness while at the same time bringing me the awareness that provides some sense of comfort to know what was previously unknown.

I recommend downloading this nifty little app. Tons of information inside that can be put to good use and understanding!

Review of Super Jacker Pro

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