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If you are into Bio-Hacking, today’s app review of ‘Rested’ is for you.

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Sleep! Ah yes, that glorious time that we shut down and rest our bodies and minds. Some more so and better quality than others. Not all sleep is created equal. LOL.

As featured in CNBC, NBC & Gadget Hacks–

Use Rested’s sleep recorder to identify snoring and apnea events that happen while you sleep. Your Sleep Coach will offer you a collection of sleep tips and exercises, and will create a customized Sleep Improvement Plan based on your sleep issues. Video-chat directly with a doctor to describe your symptoms and receive a diagnosis. Should you require treatment, such as CPAP or APAP, Rested will guide you through the process and take care of everything.

Why spend the night in an uncomfortable sleep lab, when Rested can get you the care you need right from your phone?


– Sleep Score: Receive a detailed assessment of your sleep quality every night

– Sleep Graph: Review your sleep quality and pinpoint moments of unrest during the night

– Sleep Coaching: Free phone consultations with trained sleep coaches to equip you with the knowledge you need to improve your sleep

– Snore Samples: Listen to audio recordings of your snore sounds and disruptions in your sleep, all stored on your device

– Sleep Exercises: Breathing and mental exercises to help you relax and fall asleep more quickly

– Sleep Report: A complete overview of your sleep health, used by your coach to develop your personalized sleep improvement plan

– Bedtime Reminders: Get reminders to get ready for bed to develop healthier sleep habits

Get Rested for iOS Here:

I like this app. I’ve been using it now for a few weeks to track and measure my quality of sleep with a few variables:

  • Amount of time actually sleeping
  • Sounds made while I’m sleeping
  • ‘Sleep Score’

In the short few weeks that I’ve been using the app, I’ve been able to get a good idea that in fact I am a snorer and that I do have periods of apnea which can be quite dangerous and that I should probably seek help. Perhaps I should lose more weight!

At any rate, I’ve been consistently using the app on a nightly basis and it’s almost become gamified. I want to see how I am doing in the sleep department. I can’t make any sense of patterns right now because my scores are all over the place….and I definitely snore!

I am investigating the other services within the app to see what that entails. I’ll update this post once I find out more. Perhaps I will reach out and ask the developers behind the app for and interview.

In the meantime, I think the app brings value and insight. Check it out for sure!